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Friends of the Dusk thumbnail
Friends of the Dusk eAudiobook
Phil Rickman / Emma Powell

When autumn storms blast Hereford centuries-old human bones are found among the roots of a blown dow..

The Secrets of Pain thumbnail
The Secrets of Pain eAudiobook
Phil Rickman / Emma Powell

Syd Spicer served with the SAS. He has been trained to overcome pain and fear in all their forms. We..

The Coldest Case thumbnail
The Coldest Case eAudiobook
Martin Walker / Peter Noble

Bruno Courrèges is Chief of Police of the lovely town of St Denis in the Dordogne. His main wish is..

The Madness of Crowds thumbnail
The Madness of Crowds eAudiobook
Louise Penny / Adam Sims

When Chief Inspector Armand Gamache is asked to provide crowd control at a statistics lecture given ..

A Rattle of Bones thumbnail
A Rattle of Bones eAudiobook
Douglas Skelton / Sarah Barron

In 1752 Seamus a'Ghlynne James of the Glen was executed for the murder of government man Colin Campb..

Echoes in the Cotswolds thumbnail
Echoes in the Cotswolds eAudiobook
Rebecca Tope / Caroline Lennon

Thea Osborne agrees to do a second spell of house-sitting for Lucy Sinclair in her new home in North..

Murder on the Island thumbnail
Murder on the Island eAudiobook
Daisy White / Charlotte Strevens

When recently divorced Chloe Canton is gifted her grandmother’s house in Bermuda in her will it se..

Murder at the Seaview Hotel thumbnail
Murder at the Seaview Hotel eAudiobook
Glenda Young / Colleen Prendergast

After the death of her husband Tom Helen Dexter is contemplating her future as the now sole propriet..

Prisoner thumbnail
Prisoner eAudiobook
S.R. White / Helen Walsh

When a man is found savagely 'crucified' amidst a murky swamp in northern Australia detective Dana R..

Whistleblower thumbnail
Whistleblower eAudiobook
Owen Mullen / Angus King

Gavin Law exposed a tragic case of medical malpractice but now he’s missing. It’s just another c..

Informed Consent thumbnail
Informed Consent eAudiobook
Peter Turnbull / Gordon Griffin

A police officer finds a badly injured man lying in a street in the centre of York in the early hour..

Waiting For Wednesday thumbnail
Waiting For Wednesday eAudiobook
Nicci French / Beth Chalmers Available 15th December 2021

Ruth Lennox beloved mother of three is found by her daughter in a pool of her own blood. Psychothera..

A Cast of Vultures thumbnail
A Cast of Vultures eAudiobook
Judith Flanders / Julia Franklin

Usually sharp-witted editor Sam Clair stumbles through her post-launch-party morning with the hangov..

A Walk with the Dead thumbnail
A Walk with the Dead eAudiobook
Sally Spencer / Penelope Freeman Available 14th December 2021

When a young girl Jill Harris is murdered the case soon becomes personal for Monika Paniatowski. She..

The Incredible Crime thumbnail
The Incredible Crime eAudiobook
Lois Austen-Leigh / Karen Cass

Prince’s College Cambridge is a peaceful and scholarly community enlivened by Prudence Pinsent the..