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Long Journey To Deep Canon thumbnail
Long Journey To Deep Canon eAudiobook
T.T. Flynn / Jeff Harding

In the title story of this Western quartet, a man must fight tough odds to find out who paid a convi..

Wanted Men thumbnail
Wanted Men eAudiobook
Walt Coburn / Robert G. Slade

In this Western duo, there is one million dollars' worth of gold bullion to be found, and a youth la..

Dodging Red Cloud thumbnail
Dodging Red Cloud eAudiobook
Richard S. Wheeler / Jeff Harding

It's 1868, and winter is fast approaching across a land so untamed even the U.S. Army has deserted i..

Gringo thumbnail
Gringo eAudiobook
Nelson Nye / Jeff Harding

Walt Parras wakes up at the bottom of a cliff beside his horse...which has a bullet-hole in its head..

A Far Trumpet thumbnail
A Far Trumpet eAudiobook
Fred Grove / Jeff Harding

After twelve years of service, First Lieutenant Scott William Dunham, 6th Cavalry, is court-martiale..

Dogs Of The Captain thumbnail
Dogs Of The Captain eAudiobook
Max Brand / Jeff Harding

The house on the hill in Merridan belonged to Captain Slocum. It was regarded as a place of mystery,..

Lord Apache thumbnail
Lord Apache eAudiobook
Robert J. Steelman / Jeff Harding

Stranded in the middle of the most uncompromising piece of desert in the Arizona Territory, an Engli..

The Desert Hawk thumbnail
The Desert Hawk eAudiobook
Harry Sinclair Drago / Jeff Harding

When Aaron Thane's business begins to fail, he purchases a small ranch in northern Nevada. His daugh..

The Devil's Corral thumbnail
The Devil's Corral eAudiobook
Les Savage Jr. / Jeff Harding

The Devil is a recalcitrant horse who has resisted all efforts to ride him - to the point of putting..

Mesquite Johnny thumbnail
Mesquite Johnny eAudiobook
Barry Cord / Jeff Harding

When Red Tanguey and Lew Ferin run into trouble, leaving Red mortally wounded and Lew having vanishe..

Pursuit thumbnail
Pursuit eAudiobook
Verne Athanas / Jeff Harding

Seven stories of the West, in which cavalry troopers clash with Apaches, homesteaders learn to manag..

The Gunsmith thumbnail
The Gunsmith eAudiobook
Lauran Paine / Jeff Harding

When Spartanville is brutally raided, Dave Petrie leads the manhunt to track down the culprits. In r..

The Good Badman thumbnail
The Good Badman eAudiobook
Max Brand / Jeff Harding

Three Western stories. A man on a mule must intercept a killer on horseback. A sharpshooter threaten..

Thieves' Brand thumbnail
Thieves' Brand eAudiobook
Giles A. Lutz / Jeff Harding

A young man becomes deputy marshal in a part of Oklahoma where rustling is rampant, and meets a salo..

Kit Carson's Way thumbnail
Kit Carson's Way eAudiobook
Tom Curry / Jeff Harding

Kit Carson - intrepid scout, trail breaker, trapper, and fighter - investigates a sudden outbreak of..