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The Fields thumbnail
The Fields eAudiobook
Erin Young / Soneela Nankani

It starts with a body - a young woman found dead in an Iowa cornfield on one of the few family farms..

The Fireman thumbnail
The Fireman eAudiobook
Stephen Leather / Paul Thornley

Young talented in love with life - why should Sally have thrown herself 15 floors to her death? But ..

The Eyewitness thumbnail
The Eyewitness eAudiobook
Stephen Leather / Seán Barrett

Jack Solomon is a messenger of death. Working in the fractured remains of Yugoslavia his task is to ..

The Shout thumbnail
The Shout eAudiobook
Stephen Leather / Bea Holland

Vicky Lewis is a force to be reckoned with: not yet 30 and already Crew Manager in the London Fire B..

Breakdown thumbnail
Breakdown eAudiobook
Jonathan Kellerman / Jeff Harding

Dr. Alex Delaware first meets actress Zelda Chase when called upon to evaluate her five-year-old son..

Broken thumbnail
Broken eAudiobook
Karin Slaughter / Jennifer Woodward Available 20th July 2022

When the body of a young woman is discovered in Lake Grant a note left by the shore points to suicid..

A Shadow Intelligence thumbnail
A Shadow Intelligence eAudiobook
Oliver Harris / Richard Coyle Available 20th July 2022

MI6 has a dark side that needs men like Elliot Kane. He's spent fifteen years effectively managing d..

Dream of Darkness thumbnail
Dream of Darkness eAudiobook
Reginald Hill / Seán Barrett

Sairey Ellis's father is writing his memoirs. As an ex-security man whose life work has been in Afri..

61 Hours thumbnail
61 Hours eAudiobook
Lee Child / Jeff Harding

Winter in South Dakota. Blowing snow icy roads a tired driver. A bus crashes and is stranded in a ga..

Bad Actors thumbnail
Bad Actors eAudiobook
Mick Herron / Seán Barrett

A governmental think-tank whose remit is to curb the independence of the intelligence service has lo..

The Only Game thumbnail
The Only Game eAudiobook
Reginald Hill / Seán Barrett

When a four-year-old child is abducted from an Essex kindergarten Detective Inspector Dog Cicero soo..

Worth Dying For thumbnail
Worth Dying For eAudiobook
Lee Child / Jeff Harding

61 Hours ended with Jack Reacher trapped in a desperate situation from which escape seemed impossibl..

Take Two thumbnail
Take Two eAudiobook
Stephen Leather / Annie Aldington

Carolyn Castle is one of the most famous faces in the UK - a soap opera star known to millions. But ..

Rough Justice thumbnail
Rough Justice eAudiobook
Stephen Leather / Paul Thornley

Villains across London are being beaten and killed by vigilante cops. Crime rates are falling but th..

Merry Christmas Alex Cross thumbnail
Merry Christmas Alex Cross eAudiobook
James Patterson / Garrick Hagon

It's a snowy Christmas Eve and Detective Alex Cross is at home celebrating with his family. Just as ..