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And So It Begins thumbnail
And So It Begins eAudiobook
Rachel Abbott / Olivia Vinall Available 20th December 2023

Cleo knows she should be happy for her brother Mark. He's found someone new after the sudden death o..

Yule Island thumbnail
Yule Island eAudiobook
Johana Gustawsson / Karen Cass Simon Mattacks Katy Sobey

Art expert Emma Lindhal is anxious when she's asked to appraise the antiques in the infamous manor h..

A Very British Ending thumbnail
A Very British Ending eAudiobook
Edward Wilson / Richard Attlee Available 20th December 2023

Bremen 1951. An MI6 officer haunted by an SS atrocity kills a Nazi war criminal in the ruins of a U-..

This is What Happened thumbnail
This is What Happened eAudiobook
Mick Herron / Imogen Church Available 2nd January 2024

Twenty-six-year-old Maggie Barnes is someone you would never look at twice. Living alone in a month-..

Bad Luck and Trouble thumbnail
Bad Luck and Trouble eAudiobook
Lee Child / Jeff Harding Available 10th December 2023

The events of 9/11 changed Jack Reacher’s drifter lifestyle. In addition to his folding toothbrush..

Cheated thumbnail
Cheated eAudiobook
Roberta Kray / Annie Aldington

WHO CAN YOU TRUST WHEN YOU CAN'T TRUST FAMILY?Sheltered and naïve Carmen Darby has lived under the ..

Worth Dying For thumbnail
Worth Dying For eAudiobook
Lee Child / Jeff Harding Available 6th December 2023

61 Hours ended with Jack Reacher trapped in a desperate situation from which escape seemed impossibl..

14th Deadly Sin thumbnail
14th Deadly Sin eAudiobook
James Patterson; Maxine Paetro / Antonia Beamish

Detective Lindsay Boxer and her three best friends are back and recovering from the events that push..

Everything is lies thumbnail
Everything is lies eAudiobook
Helen Callaghan / Maggie Mash

Sophia's parents lead quiet unremarkable lives. At least that is what she's always believed. Until t..

Her Darkest Fear thumbnail
Her Darkest Fear eAudiobook
Nina Manning / Nicky Diss

One mother’s past could cost her everything…Frankie Keegan is struggling. Not only is she juggli..

The Last Line thumbnail
The Last Line eAudiobook
Stephen Ronson / Orlando Wells

May 1940. With Nazi forces sweeping across France invasion seems imminent. The English Channel has n..

Hunted thumbnail
Hunted eAudiobook
Arne Dahl / Mark Meadows

When Desiré Rosenkvist of Stockholm Police receives a letter two things are immediately clear: the ..

61 Hours thumbnail
61 Hours eAudiobook
Lee Child / Jeff Harding

Winter in South Dakota. Blowing snow icy roads a tired driver. A bus crashes and is stranded in a ga..

The Eyewitness thumbnail
The Eyewitness eAudiobook
Stephen Leather / Seán Barrett

Jack Solomon is a messenger of death. Working in the fractured remains of Yugoslavia his task is to ..

Burn thumbnail
Burn eAudiobook
James Patterson; Michael Ledwidge / Robert G. Slade

At last Detective Michael Bennett and his family are coming home to New York City. Thanks to Bennett..