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A Valley Dream thumbnail
A Valley Dream eAudiobook
Anna Jacobs / Julia Franklin

1935. At 36 Bella Porter is dependent on her abusive cousin Thomas acting as his unpaid servant. But..

The Miner's Lass thumbnail
The Miner's Lass eAudiobook
Glenda Young / Janine Birkett

A life of poverty in a cramped pit cottage is all that 17-year-old Ruby Dinsdale has known. Even wit..

The Railway Girls in Love thumbnail
The Railway Girls in Love eAudiobook
Maisie Thomas / Julia Franklin

Mabel has finally put the past behind her and her relationship with the dashing Harry is stronger th..

The Secret Child thumbnail
The Secret Child eAudiobook
Lynne Francis / Annie Aldington

Kent 1814. Molly Dawson now a respectable married woman lives with her husband and three daughters o..

The Shipyard Girls on the Home Front thumbnail
The Shipyard Girls on the Home Front eAudiobook
Nancy Revell / Janine Birkett

1943. Gloria is reunited with her sweetheart Jack. But her sons Bobby and Gordon are away with the N..

Gin Palace Girl thumbnail
Gin Palace Girl eAudiobook
Gracie Hart / Colleen Prendergast

After being orphaned as a child Mary is taken in by her mother’s friend - and ex-prostitute - Nell..

There is a Season thumbnail
There is a Season eAudiobook
Elizabeth Murphy / Julie Maisey

Cathy is glad to have her husband back now the Great War is over. Struggling to keep the peace Cathy..

The West End Girls thumbnail
The West End Girls eAudiobook
Elaine Roberts / Julie Maisey

1914. Growing up on a farm in the country Annie Cradwell has always dreamt of singing on stage. So w..

A Widow's Vow thumbnail
A Widow's Vow eAudiobook
Rachel Brimble / Penelope Freeman

1851. After her husband saved her from a life of prostitution Louisa Hill was briefly happy as a hou..

Hetty's Secret War thumbnail
Hetty's Secret War eAudiobook
Rosie Clarke / Laura Kirman

1939. When the man Georgie has always loved is sent to France on a secret mission every knock of the..

The Five Shilling Children thumbnail
The Five Shilling Children eAudiobook
Lindsey Hutchinson / Charlie Sanderson

Adam and Polly Fitch face a bleak future after being sold for just five shillings to Miss Reed's orp..

Home to the Hills thumbnail
Home to the Hills eAudiobook
Dee Yates / Lesley Mackie

After the Second World War Ellen and her daughter Netta make the journey from Germany back to Scotla..

The Post Office Girls thumbnail
The Post Office Girls eAudiobook
Poppy Cooper / Jess Nesling

1915. Beth Healey hopes that she will be able to forget the ghastly war and celebrate her 18th birth..

Nellie's Heartbreak thumbnail
Nellie's Heartbreak eAudiobook
Rosie Clarke / Emma Swan

As a small child Nellie Peace was always dreaming but sensed her mother’s rejection. Abandoned and..

A Time for Renewal thumbnail
A Time for Renewal eAudiobook
Anna Jacobs / Julia Franklin Available 13th February 2022

In the wake of World War Two the whole country is desperate for houses with very little money availa..