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Dancing in the Moonlight thumbnail
Dancing in the Moonlight eAudiobook
Rita Bradshaw / Anne Dover Available 6th November 2021

On her deathbed Lucy Fallow’s mother makes her promise to look after her younger siblings and keep..

Snowflakes in the Wind thumbnail
Snowflakes in the Wind eAudiobook
Rita Bradshaw / Janine Birkett Available 6th November 2021

It's Christmas Eve 1920 when Abby Kirby's family is ripped apart. Leaving everything she's ever know..

In Love And War thumbnail
In Love And War eAudiobook
Lily Baxter / Penelope Freeman Available 5th November 2021

With the approach of war about to bring heartache to families all over England Elsie Mead longs to d..

Beyond The Storm thumbnail
Beyond The Storm eAudiobook
E.V. Thompson / Patience Tomlinson

When the fiercest storm in living memory pounds the shores of 19th century Cornwall wrecking ships a..

Full Circle thumbnail
Full Circle eAudiobook
Katie Flynn; Judith Saxton / Anne Dover

Hitler's war is reaching out to affect every member of the Neyler family. Val Neyler driving an ambu..

The Downstairs Maid thumbnail
The Downstairs Maid eAudiobook
Rosie Clarke / Penelope Freeman Available 4th November 2021

She is a servant girl... When her father becomes ill Emily Carter finds herself sent into service at..

A Christmas Wish thumbnail
A Christmas Wish eAudiobook
Lizzie Lane / Penelope Freeman

Magda Brodie's world is torn apart when her mother dies in the workhouse two weeks before Christmas...

The Other Side of the Street thumbnail
The Other Side of the Street eAudiobook
Helen Carey / Annie Aldington

It's 1944. London's citizens are weary of air raids and rationing. But there are rumours of an invas..

You Are My Sunshine thumbnail
You Are My Sunshine eAudiobook
Katie Flynn; Judith Saxton / Anne Dover

Kay Duffield's fiancé is about to leave the country and her own duty with the WAAF is imminent when..

We'll Meet Again thumbnail
We'll Meet Again eAudiobook
Katie Flynn; Judith Saxton / Anne Dover

When war broke out 17-year-old Christie could have stayed down on the family farm in Norfolk where s..

A Tale of Two Sisters thumbnail
A Tale of Two Sisters eAudiobook
Merryn Allingham / Karen Cass Available 3rd November 2021

When Alice Verinder’s beloved sister Lydia goes missing Alice boards the Orient Express bound for ..

A Christmas Candle thumbnail
A Christmas Candle eAudiobook
Katie Flynn / Anne Dover

1939. Eve Armstrong is being evacuated to Devon. As the train pulls out of London she takes a last l..

Welcome Home thumbnail
Welcome Home eAudiobook
Margaret Dickinson / Anne Dover

Neighbours Edie Kelsey and Lil Horton have been friends for over 20 years the wives of fishermen in ..

Christmas Wishes thumbnail
Christmas Wishes eAudiobook
Katie Flynn / Anne Dover Available 30th October 2021

It is the autumn of 1945 and identical twins Joy and Gillian Lawrence are on their way home to Liver..

London Calling thumbnail
London Calling eAudiobook
Helen Carey / Annie Aldington

It will take more than Hitler's Luftwaffe to break the spirit of the residents of Lavender Road. If ..