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The Midnight Man thumbnail
The Midnight Man eAudiobook
Paul Doherty / Andrew Wincott

When Brother Anselm and his novice are summoned to the Church of St Michael’s in Candlewick to per..

Brighton Belle thumbnail
Brighton Belle eAudiobook
Sara Sheridan / Penelope Freeman

1951 Brighton. With the excitement of the war over and the Nazis brought to justice Mirabelle Bevan ..

Smoke Alarm thumbnail
Smoke Alarm eAudiobook
Priscilla Masters / Patricia Gallimore

When firemen are called to an intense blaze at the Grange in Melverley they find the bodies of Chris..

Til Death Do Us Part thumbnail
Til Death Do Us Part eAudiobook
Sara Fraser / Gordon Griffin

Matrimony. An Officer of the Honourable East India Company is greatly desirous of finding a soul-mat..

False Alarm thumbnail
False Alarm eAudiobook
Veronica Heley / Patience Tomlinson

Bea Abbot is asked to find the man or woman who laid a booby trap for Sir Lucas Ossett the powerful ..

Classic in the Clouds thumbnail
Classic in the Clouds eAudiobook
Amy Myers / Andrew Wincott

Car detective Jack Colby is asked by the “Mad Major” to find one of the original five cars that ..

The Straw Men thumbnail
The Straw Men eAudiobook
Paul Doherty / Terry Wale

January 1381. As guests of the Regent John of Gaunt Brother Athelstan and Sir John Cranston are atte..

The Blood Royal thumbnail
The Blood Royal eAudiobook
Barbara Cleverly / Andrew Wincott

1922. Commander Joe Sandilands returns from a stint in India and immediately finds himself up to his..

The Merry Devils thumbnail
The Merry Devils eAudiobook
Edward Marston / Andrew Wincott

The premiere of the play ‘The Merry Devils’ written by two of the company’s actors gives the p..

False Pretences thumbnail
False Pretences eAudiobook
Veronica Heley / Patience Tomlinson

There’s nothing sinister about Zander’s request for Bea Abbott to accompany him on an errand to ..

False Step thumbnail
False Step eAudiobook
Veronica Heley / Patience Tomlinson

Bea Abbot’s domestic agency does not investigate murder...that is until she finds herself in the c..

Murder in House thumbnail
Murder in House eAudiobook
Veronica Heley / Patience Tomlinson

Ellie and her new husband Thomas are called to deal with Ursula a young student who has staged a sit..

The Sheen on the Silk thumbnail
The Sheen on the Silk eAudiobook
Anne Perry / Anne Dover

1273. Arriving in Byzantium physician Anna Zarides resolves to prove the innocence of her brother no..

Dead on Cue thumbnail
Dead on Cue eAudiobook
Deryn Lake / Andrew Wincott

The sleepy Sussex village of Lakehurst is abuzz with news of the arrival of the new owner of Abbot..

London Calling thumbnail
London Calling eAudiobook
Sara Sheridan / Sara Sheridan

1952 Brighton and London. When 17 year old debutante Rose Bellamy Gore goes missing in a seedy Soho ..