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The Orphan's Gift thumbnail
The Orphan's Gift eAudiobook
Anne Baker / Julie Maisey

Having lost her father during the Great War and her mother a famous French impressionist painter in ..

The Crying Game thumbnail
The Crying Game eAudiobook
June Hampson / Annie Aldington

The Crying Game opens in 1944 and tells the story of Trixie - a girl who has only ever known turmoil..

War Baby thumbnail
War Baby eAudiobook
Lizzie Lane / Annie Aldington

The war has had a devastating effect on the Sweet Family with young Charlie Sweet lost at sea presum..

Home Sweet Home thumbnail
Home Sweet Home eAudiobook
Lizzie Lane / Annie Aldington

The war is drawing to a close and the men are coming home. But the struggles of the Sweet sisters co..

The Orphan's Dream thumbnail
The Orphan's Dream eAudiobook
Dilly Court / Annie Aldington

Mirabel Cutler was raised by her father to be a lady. But when he dies suddenly Mirabel finds hersel..

The Very Thought Of You thumbnail
The Very Thought Of You eAudiobook
Mary Fitzgerald / Penelope Freeman

It's 1944 and three very different women join a touring variety group and travel through Europe perf..

What Tomorrow Brings thumbnail
What Tomorrow Brings eAudiobook
Mary Fitzgerald / Penelope Freeman

Independent-minded journalist Seffy Blake falls instantly in love with the mysterious Amyas Troy whe..

The Beggar Maid thumbnail
The Beggar Maid eAudiobook
Dilly Court / Annie Aldington

From the age of eight Charity Crosse has been living with her grandfather and begging on the streets..

Home For Christmas thumbnail
Home For Christmas eAudiobook
Lizzie Lane / Anne Dover

Lydia is in training to be a nurse when she first meets Robert and despite the differences in their ..

Mist thumbnail
Mist eAudiobook
Mary Fitzgerald / Janine Cooper-Marshall

Lark has been wandering the country for many years with no real place to call home. Then she meets M..

A Place Called Home thumbnail
A Place Called Home eAudiobook
Dilly Court / Willow Nash

Born out of wedlock when her mother was only fourteen Lucy Pocket has spent all her life with her di..

When I Was Young thumbnail
When I Was Young eAudiobook
Mary Fitzgerald / Karen Cass

Eleanor is seventeen when she goes to the Loire Valley on a French exchange. But the beauty of her s..

The Shipyard Girls thumbnail
The Shipyard Girls eAudiobook
Nancy Revell / Caroline Lennon

Sunderland 1940..

War Orphans thumbnail
War Orphans eAudiobook
Lizzie Lane / Trudy Harris

Joanna Ryan's father has gone off to war leaving her in the care of her step-mother a woman more con..

The Sea Shell Girl thumbnail
The Sea Shell Girl eAudiobook
Linda Finlay / Margaret Sircom

Seventeen-year-old Merryn Dyer has been helping her mother knit fishermen's jumpers in their little ..