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Chinook thumbnail
Chinook eAudiobook
Max Brand / Jeff Harding

During the Klondike Gold Rush two prospectors and their wolf dog Chinook encounter a mysterious woma..

The Tangled Web thumbnail
The Tangled Web eAudiobook
Giles A. Lutz / Jeff Harding

Deputy Marshal Rowry Saxton appreciates the tedium of law-keeping in the sleepy Kansas town of Hays ..

The Colonel's Lady thumbnail
The Colonel's Lady eAudiobook
Clifton Adams / Jeff Harding

When a handful of troopers set against a howling bloodthirsty mob the life of the Colonel’s lady i..

Tombstone for a Troubleshooter thumbnail
Tombstone for a Troubleshooter eAudiobook
William Colt MacDonald / Jeff Harding

Special railroad agent Quist looks at the tombstone bearing his own name. Since he’d hit town his ..

Land of Strangers thumbnail
Land of Strangers eAudiobook
Ray Hogan / Jeff Harding

Two Western stories. Ben Sutton is summoned to intervene in violence between ranchers and homesteade..

Renegade Range thumbnail
Renegade Range eAudiobook
Philip Ketchum / Jeff Harding

Linus Coleman has been greatly wronged many times by power-hungry Sam Holloway but has no way of pro..

The Prairie Baroness thumbnail
The Prairie Baroness eAudiobook
Robert J. Steelman / Jeff Harding

The Hamlin family must prise a living from the arid soil of South Dakota. But Lutie yearns for the f..

Border Wolves thumbnail
Border Wolves eAudiobook
Walt Coburn / Jeff Harding

Three Western stories. The son of a lynched man wants vengeance. A cowboy is ambushed the day he arr..

Guns at Q Cross thumbnail
Guns at Q Cross eAudiobook
Merle Constiner / Jeff Harding

Rancher Stiles Gilmore feels like an interloper at a rustlers’ convention. With his life on the li..

The Quiet Gun thumbnail
The Quiet Gun eAudiobook
Lauran Paine / Jeff Harding

George Carpenter has fallen in love with Irene Cobalt his young Indian housekeeper. But local attorn..

Six Feet Four thumbnail
Six Feet Four eAudiobook
Jackson Gregory / Jeff Harding

A man steals $10000 from a mail coach. Weeks later Buck Thornton makes a $5000 payment on a ranch pu..

Kit Carson's Way thumbnail
Kit Carson's Way eAudiobook
Tom Curry / Jeff Harding

Kit Carson - intrepid scout trail breaker trapper and fighter - investigates a sudden outbreak of bl..

Thieves' Brand thumbnail
Thieves' Brand eAudiobook
Giles A. Lutz / Jeff Harding

A young man becomes deputy marshal in a part of Oklahoma where rustling is rampant and meets a saloo..

The Good Badman thumbnail
The Good Badman eAudiobook
Max Brand / Jeff Harding

Three Western stories. A man on a mule must intercept a killer on horseback. A sharpshooter threaten..

The Devil's Corral thumbnail
The Devil's Corral eAudiobook
Les Savage Jr / Jeff Harding

The Devil is a recalcitrant horse who has resisted all efforts to ride him - to the point of putting..