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Ravenspur thumbnail
Ravenspur eAudiobook
Conn Iggulden / Roy McMillan

The Yorkist king Edward IV is driven out of England his wife and children forced to seek sanctuary f..

Trinity thumbnail
Trinity eAudiobook
Conn Iggulden / Roy McMillan

1454: King Henry VI has remained all but exiled in Windsor Castle. His fiercely loyal wife and Queen..

The Scent of Betrayal thumbnail
The Scent of Betrayal eAudiobook
David Donachie / Peter Wickham

New Orleans 1795. The discovery of an abandoned Spanish merchant ship off the coast of America plung..

Bloodline thumbnail
Bloodline eAudiobook
Conn Iggulden / Roy McMillan

Winter 1461. Richard Duke of York is dead his ambitions in ruins his head spiked on the walls of the..

Breaking the Line thumbnail
Breaking the Line eAudiobook
David Donachie / Andrew Wincott

1799. Having evacuated the King and Queen of Naples ahead of Napoleon’s advancing army Nelson must..

Sword of State: The Wielding thumbnail
Sword of State: The Wielding eAudiobook
Richard Woodman / Peter Noble

1659. Lord General George Monck has set up camp on the Scottish border with his loyal army. He has p..

The Bootlegger thumbnail
The Bootlegger eAudiobook
Clive Cussler; Justin Scott / Jeff Harding

It is 1920. Prohibition and bootlegging are in full swing. When Joseph Van Dorn is shot and nearly k..

Javelin thumbnail
Javelin eAudiobook
Roger Pearce / David Thorpe

Two explosions in Victoria mark the beginning of a bombing campaign against banking institutions in ..

The Assistant thumbnail
The Assistant eAudiobook
Amanda Reynolds / Joan Walker Rose Robinson

I know what she eats which must-have brands she applies to her face and the price of each carefully ..

The Devil's Own Luck thumbnail
The Devil's Own Luck eAudiobook
David Donachie / Peter Wickham

1793: the onset of Britain's conflict with Revolutionary France. Ex-captain turned privateer Harry L..

The Dying Trade thumbnail
The Dying Trade eAudiobook
David Donachie / Peter Wickham

Privateersman Harry Ludlow and his partner and younger brother James find that murder and intrigue t..

A Wren Called Smith thumbnail
A Wren Called Smith eAudiobook
Alexander Fullerton / Terry Wale

Captain Christiannsen had a prejudice against having women on his ship - but in the case of Wren Mar..

A Troubled Course thumbnail
A Troubled Course eAudiobook
David Donachie / John Telfer Available 4th October 2023

John Pearce discovers that Madrid plans to desert the British-led coalition and join the enemy. In c..

The Admirals' Game thumbnail
The Admirals' Game eAudiobook
David Donachie / Peter Wickham

1794. Lieutenant John Pearce is caught between a feuding trio of admirals. One puts him in a positio..

Blood Will Out thumbnail
Blood Will Out eAudiobook
David Donachie / Peter Noble

1787. Captain Edward Brazier is wounded and in desperate need of medical attention but those from wh..