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Tilly Trotter Wed thumbnail
Tilly Trotter Wed eAudiobook
Catherine Cookson / Anne Dover

Tilly Trotter has devotedly served Mark Sopwith at Highfield Manor for twelve years. She is his wife..

A Home From Home thumbnail
A Home From Home eAudiobook
Rosie Hendry / Patience Tomlinson

Norfolk 1944. Phylly is a Land Girl on Catchetts Farm. She and her friend Gracie are doing their bit..

Air Raid Girls The: Wartime Brides thumbnail
Air Raid Girls The: Wartime Brides eAudiobook
Jenny Holmes / Penelope Freeman

Spring 1942. Lizzie is making plans for her wedding with fiance Bill. But preparations during wartim..

Moorend Farm thumbnail
Moorend Farm eAudiobook
Gwen Kirkwood / Lesley Mackie

William and Emma Sinclair have settled into life at Moorend Farm in North Yorkshire and live happily..

For Love Of Lily thumbnail
For Love Of Lily eAudiobook
Maggie Bennett / Tanya Myers

At twenty-one Lily Knowles is desperate to leave home so she escapes to London to train as a nurse. ..

A House by the Sea thumbnail
A House by the Sea eAudiobook
Elvi Rhodes / Anne Dover

Ever since the death of her beloved husband Peter Caroline's life in Bath has not been the same. Fri..

A Mother's Sacrifice thumbnail
A Mother's Sacrifice eAudiobook
Catherine King / Maggie Mash

Young Quinta Haig is struggling to make ends meet at Top Field with ailing mother Laura. Noah Bilton..

The Carpenter's Children thumbnail
The Carpenter's Children eAudiobook
Maggie Bennett / Anne Dover

On the eve of the First World War carpenter Tom Munday is content with his lot: he's been blessed wi..

A Child Of Her Time thumbnail
A Child Of Her Time eAudiobook
Maggie Bennett / Tanya Myers

At twenty-five teacher Phyllis Bird is still living with her parents her brothers lost in the Great ..

A Family's Duty thumbnail
A Family's Duty eAudiobook
Maggie Bennett / Anne Dover

1938 Britain and Germany are on the brink of war and tension and fear is felt throughout Europe. In ..

A New Day thumbnail
A New Day eAudiobook
Beryl Matthews / Annie Aldington

After a traumatic past life finally seems to be looking up for Hanna Foster. But war is on its way ...

For a Father's Pride thumbnail
For a Father's Pride eAudiobook
Diane Allen / Anne Dover

In 1871 young Daisy Fraser is living in the Yorkshire Dales with her beloved family. Her sister Kitt..

Like Father Like Son thumbnail
Like Father Like Son eAudiobook
Diane Allen / Janine Birkett Available 9th September 2022

There would be trouble at Paradise . . . From birth Polly Harper seems destined for tragedy. Raised ..

Connie Of Kettle Street thumbnail
Connie Of Kettle Street eAudiobook
Carol Rivers / Annie Aldington

In September 1940 the Isle of Dogs suffers the first terrible night of a nine-month Blitz. Amidst th..

A Child is Born thumbnail
A Child is Born eAudiobook
Donna Douglas / Penelope Freeman

Christmas Eve 1936. On a foggy December night a pregnant woman walks out in front of a trolley bus a..